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PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition

I got a lot of messges asked me about the date of Publishing PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition and here you can find not only the expected date of PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition but also other standards as well (Sourse :

PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition

PMI is currently in the process of developing the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition. The PMBOK® Guide is the leading global standard for project management. The PMBOK® Guide contains the processes that project management experts agree are necessary for most projects in most environments. The PMBOK® Guide reflects the evolving knowledge within the profession. Processes are presented by Process Group and Knowledge Area. EndFragment

Publication of the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition is expected in Q1 2017.

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StartFragmentThe Standard for Program Management – Fourth Edition One of four foundational standards in the library, the fourth edition will continue its evolutionary path from process-based to principle-based standard, expanding on the principles of program management to reflect good practice. All of PMI’s standards are developed through a voluntary consensus process which brings together volunteers and persons who have an interest and expertise in the topic. Publication of the Standard for Program Management – Fourth Edition is expected in Q2 2017.

The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition

PMI is in the process of updating the Standard for Portfolio Management. The standard is one of four of PMI’s foundational standards, and will continue to delineate principles of portfolio management which help an organization achieve its strategic objectives. As with all of PMI’s standards, this update will be developed through a voluntary consensus process involving volunteers and subject matter experts in the field. Publication of the Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition is scheduled for Q3 2017.EndFragment

Standard for Organizational Project Management (OPM). This new standard will provide guidance for organizations seeking to implement project management within their organizations in order to manage projects, programs, and portfolios in accordance with organizational practices and in order to achieve organizational objectives. The standard will also provide guidance on the development of organizational methodologies, i.e. project management practices which are tailored or customized to fit the organization’s structure, culture, and practices. Publication of this new standard is expected in 2Q 2017.

Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide

PMI Standards has recently started an activity to update the current Construction Extension. The purpose of the revision is to update the content of the Extension to reflect the latest thinking in the management of construction projects, as well as to bring it in line with the guidance provided by the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition. The Construction Extension committee was formed and started work in July 2014 and the completed Extension is expected to be published in 2Q 2016. EndFragment